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Best Islamic School in Dhaka
Islamic education is essential for our children. But we would also want our kids to get international quality of education. This is still one of the biggest fears of parents from Islamic schools. This is where an Islamic English Medium School in Dhaka comes to light. One of the most famous Islamic Schools is the...
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Is Music Haram in Islam Featured Image
Music is a track that never leads to Jannah. We hope you understand from this that is music haram in Islam or not. Islamic scholars have diverse viewpoints about whether music is halal or haram in Islam. Actually, the viewpoints are contradicting. Some scholars think listening to music haram in Islam, while others consider instrumental...
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Importance of Muslim Hijab Featured Image
Have you ever encountered a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf (called Muslim Hijab)? You may be wondering what Muslim Hijab is and why they wear it. If you are a Muslim woman and thinking of wearing a hijab, here you’ll get the answer. Also, this article is a reminder for those Muslim women who wear...
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Aims and Objectives of Islamic Education
Like every other activity, there are aims and objectives of Islamic education too. You know, the beauty of Islam is that it’s a dynamic and practical religion. So, the religion also focuses on educating children from an early age. In this article, you will learn everything about Islamic Education as well as its specific aims...
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How to Complete Quran in Ramadan
How to complete Quran in Ramadan? Ramadan is the month when the Quran was revealed. That’s why it’s the month of peace and blessing. And we all know Allah multiplies all the good deeds thrice in this month. Therefore, to get the maximum reward in this holy month, many Muslims try to complete the whole...
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Islam Facts for Kids | Guidance International School (GIS)
What is Islam? This is a question we are certain most of you can answer, as we all know Islam is a religion. However, the real question here is how much do you know about Islam. It is crucial to learn about and understand the religion in order to practice it correctly. Therefore, to help...
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