Islamic Curriculum

Guidance International School Islamic Curriculum

First time in Bangladesh of its kind, providing education with a balanced curriculum of Islamic & British delivered by expert faculty. Our teachers of the Islamic Curriculum are graduates with degrees in Islamic education from established Islamic universities across the globe, including Medina Islamic University, Al Azhar University and many others. Qualified & experienced Huffaz Teachers come from a varied background of recognised local and foreign Islamic institutions, Al Hamdulillah.

The goal is:
  1. To create a structure and curriculum that caters to a greater number of pupils of varied academic abilities.
  2. To enable students to communicate in Arabic as a language and understand the meaning of the Quran 
  3. To prepare pupils for higher education in the field of Islamic sciences when they finish schooling of 12 years.
  4. To equip students with sufficient knowledge and ability to
    • lead salah and deliver khutbah
    • understand and apply tajweed
    • recite the Quran correctly and beautifully
    • memorize 5 juz of the glorious Quran
    • be knowledgeable on Aqeedah, Shariah & Seerah
    • be able to speak, debate or narrate publicly on topics of Islam and contemporary issues
    • follow sunnah in daily life and apply the essentials of dua & azkar.
Why we emphasise on an Islamic curriculum

As part of our vision to create well rounded individuals who have the knowledge of this world and the hereafter with a strong foundation in Islamic principles, lifestyle and strong morals; it is part of our academic objective to achieve this by ensuring the following qualities in our students, In Sha Allah:

  • A student who has a broad and balanced education
  • A student who is God conscious
  • A student whose role model is The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  • A student who is a sound Alim/Hafiz/Professional/Daae
  • A student who fulfills his or her social responsibilities
  • A student who is conscientious and has high ethical morals
  • A student who can distinguish right from wrong and be a productive citizen of the country.

We ensure our students are all equipped in these capacities by ensuring lessons and feedback based assessments in the following subject areas as part of our Islamic curriculum:

  1. Islamic studies
  2. Arabic language
  3. Al-Quran
Tahfiz Structure:


  1. Qaidah
  2. Correct reading of the Arabic letters (Makhraj)
  3. Tajweed with Fluency in reading and its application
  4. Daily Duas
  5. Fiqh

Hifz A

  1.  Memorize 5 juz. 
  2.  Application of tajweed
  3.  Beautification of recitation recitation

Hifz B

  1. Complete memorization of the Quran 
  2. Excellence in Quality and beauty of recitation

Hifz of Quran

  1. Completion of the memorization of the Quran
  2. Recognition and Certificate award

CAIE Curriculum

Cambridge Assessment International Education Curriculum

Administered through University of Cambridge, UK and The British Council, Bangladesh. CAIE offers internationally recognized qualifications of Ordinary Level (OL) and Advanced Level (AL). Sensitive to the needs of different countries and for learners whose first language may not be English, CAIE enables teaching to be conducted in a localized context and emphasizes broad and balanced study across a range of subjects. The CAIE curriculum develops learner’s skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving and is structured so they build practical skills and theoretical knowledge.


Cambridge Assessment International Education Curriculum:

English Language Bengali Language
English Literature Mathematics
Physics Biology
Chemistry Bangladesh Studies
Economics Business Studies
Accounting ICT
Additional Mathematics