7 Aims and Objectives of Islamic Education: Teach Your Child on Their Early Stage.

Aims and Objectives of Islamic Education

Like every other activity, there are aims and objectives of Islamic education too. You know, the beauty of Islam is that it’s a dynamic and practical religion. So, the religion also focuses on educating children from an early age.

In this article, you will learn everything about Islamic Education as well as its specific aims and objectives. At first, let’s look at the types of Islamic education.

Types of Islamic Education

Fundamentally Islamic education is divided into two stages. Maktab and Madrasa.

Maktab is considered as the primary grade. Here children learn the Arabic alphabet. They learn how to read and write and memorize some small and easy-to-learn verses of the Quran.

Besides, they also acquire knowledge of the basic rules of Islam. In short, this is the place where kids gain a fundamental idea about Islam.

On the other hand, madrasah is considered as the higher grade. From here, children start to learn under a certain curriculum. The curriculum contains both secular and religious subjects. In madrasah, Bangla, English, Mathematics, ICT, and other subjects are taught following the curriculum similar to a general school follow from class 1 – 10.

But along with it, they also follow the Arabic medium, which includes a comprehensive and profound study of the Quran, commentary on Quran traditions of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Islamic laws, etc.

Aims and Objectives of Islamic Education According to Islamic Philosophy

There are some general aims and objectives of Islamic education. These are as follows.

Build Up A Solid Foundation

The fundamental aim of Islamic education is to give Muslims guidance on the Islamic lifestyle. It teaches how to pray, fast, eat, sleep, every single thing that individuals do regularly in the Islamic way.

Teaches How to Balance

Islam doesn’t want a person to give up life and just think about the afterlife or vice versa. So the education system is designed in a way that encourages you to balance both spiritual and social life.

Inspire The Muslims Brotherhood

When you learn your religion properly, you are bound to feel a special connection towards your community. There are some important facts regarding Islam those needs to nurture from childhood.

You know, education is a great medium to learn about the social and religious values of the past. So, when you can learn the heroism and courage of our previous generations, you will indeed feel the same thing in your blood. At that time, you will be ready to sacrifice yourself for the sake of Islam.

And creating inspiration and love for Islam is one of the main aims of Islamic education.

Create A Knowledgeable Pupil

Islam wants every individual to be informed about social, political, economic, and every important thing in life. Hence, they can play their role in society and be a good citizen. The study teaches the following basics.

  • Teach everyone’s right
  • Inspire students to respect and obey the law
  • Educate about the social and Islamic culture as well as tradition
  • Train to become an emotionally and mentally strong person
  • Give lessons to earn livelihood in an honest way

Motivate To Explore New World

The main aim of every education system is to motivate individuals to explore new things. Islamic education is also not any different. Islam encourages to know the materialistic world from the pre-Muslim era. It influences students to come up with new ideas and take their steps in the world of science.

If you look at history, you will see Muslim scientists has a great contribution to scientific discovery and invention. So, hopefully, our next generation will also come with something amazing with the help of modern Islamic studies.

Bring A Positive Change in The Society

Islamic studies also play a powerful role in social changes like all the education mediums. As Islam is a dynamic religion, the rules change since a society doesn’t remain the same. So, Islamic studies come forward to remove outdated values and develop a solution for the changes.

Inspire to Lead A Simple Life

As mentioned earlier, Islamic education creates the foundation of Islam, and it also teaches how to balance life. These things are very important for an individual to be motivated to maintain a simple lifestyle and avoid luxury.

Benefits of Islamic School

Well, you have seen the aims and main objectives of Islamic studies. So, what are the benefits you will get with these? Let’s learn about them.

Grow Up With Islamic Environment

You might say that a general school also provides almost similar types of facilities. But one big difference among these two institutions is the dissimilarities of the environment. And the atmosphere is surely a major fact in shaping a kid’s mind.

In Islamic schools, kids are surrounded by a religious atmosphere & Islamic culture. So, kids who studied in this type of institution tend to have more profound Islamic beliefs and values.

Practice Islamic Rituals without Any Problems

Not all public schools in Bangladesh encourage Islamic practice. It’s a very common incident that an institution prohibits girls from wearing burqas or a boy to keep his beard. You know, children are vulnerable. If they experience these types of things regularly, they might lose interest in practicing Islam or have mental traumas.

However, Islamic schools are safe in this case. Here you will enjoy full freedom to practice your beliefs without any obstacles.

Salah on Time

In general type school, children often miss the prayer time due to time conflict or other problems. However, Islamic schools strictly follow the Salah time. This regular practice also influences students never to miss their prayer in the future.

Opportunity To Make Religious Friends

There is a saying that school friends are the best things in our life, their influence stays in our life forever. And we all know how true this is!

So, it’s very important to select good friends at this stage. While a child reads in an Islamic institute, they can meet with other kids who possess the same religious ethics. Therefore, their mindset doesn’t get distracted by anything and can influence each other to stay on the path of truth throughout their whole life.

Final Words

By this time, you have known the aims and objectives of Islamic education as well as the benefits kids can get from an Islamic school. Hopefully, it’s clear to you now how great Islamic education is to develop a responsible and good human being.

So, don’t hesitate anymore. Reach out to the best Islamic English School in Dhaka and give your child a better future.