In today’s environmental constraints, students are mostly relegated to indoors and indoor activities as part of their schooling. However, we are well aware of what positive impacts an active and physical life can have on a child and their emotional and physical wealth being.

Not only do sports have physical and physiological benefits. It also has an impact on how a student learns by capturing, storing and processing information, which again directly correlate to how students engage their brain in their academics. Sports impacts on education are limitless. Students are encouraged to participate in sports while in school.

Besides improving and developing sports skills and talents, it plays a key role in building self-esteem and confidence while engaging students in teamwork and social skills as well. Depending on the sports activity, students acquire leadership knowledge and learn to discipline themselves, all the while boosting their energy levels and giving them a break from the monotony of classroom-based education.

Sports activities at Guidance International School varies among the offers for both our male and female students based on class, age and personal preferences. From indoor game options such as board games to outdoor-based physical activities such as skipping, long jumps, high jumps, racing hurdles, shot put to established sports such as basketball, dodgeball, handball, football and cricket, we ensure an array of options for our students to stay engaged and fit as they learn.