Welcome To GIS’s Mid Section

Our Middle school Mid Section (Grade 1 –Grade 7) students learn in an interactive and integrated learning environment with a focus on the interrelationships of the core curriculum, fine arts, lifetime health, and education with a local, regional and global perspective. Students learn from the classroom, experience practical learning through experiments, environment, and different activities. Learning in these classes is designed to develop positive Islamic attitudes. Students learn not only from their texts but also from their surroundings. We encourage the students to open their eyes, to look around and acquire knowledge from their friends, their teachers and elders, and their environment.

Our primary goal is to help students begin to consolidate their learning in a manner that will help them develop personal responsibility, integrity and intellectual character. Additionally, students will be provided with opportunities to navigate the journey from childhood to preadolescence in a safe, secure, and respectful environment.

Students build key skills and explore concepts in language (both English and Bangla), Maths, Science, Personal, Social and Physical Education (values), and ICT. They also study – History, Geography and Bangladesh Studies.