How To Complete Quran in Ramadan 2022? Best Routine To Follow

How to Complete Quran in Ramadan

How to complete Quran in Ramadan? Ramadan is the month when the Quran was revealed. That’s why it’s the month of peace and blessing. And we all know Allah multiplies all the good deeds thrice in this month.

Therefore, to get the maximum reward in this holy month, many Muslims try to complete the whole Quran at least one time.

But reciting the entire Quran in just 30 days seems challenging to many of us, especially for the students and working persons.

Still, with a little confidence and by the grace of Allah, you can do it. In this article, I will show you useful guide to help you complete the Quran by the end of Ramadan. Hopefully, this guideline will help you to fulfil your goal no matter how busy you are.

Blessings of Reciting The Quran in Ramadan

Perhaps you already know what the blessings of reciting the Quran in Ramadan are. But let me remind you again. For every letter of the Quran, you get 70 times the reward.

Moreover, it’s a month when Allah grants us all our authentic and realistic wishes. So, making dua after completing the Quran would be like a bonus.

When is The Perfect Time To Recite Quran?

You see, there are certain etiquettes that everyone needs to follow before reciting the Quran, including being in a state of Wudu and being dressed moderately.

These are also the etiquettes of saying your prayers. That’s why the convenient time to read the Quran is before or after prayers.

At that time, you are physically as well as mentally prepared for worship. Besides, following the prayer schedule will also help you to stick to your routine.

In the next section, I’ll share some tips that will definitely make this hard work a lot easier. So, keep reading till the end.

How to Complete Quran in Ramadan

8 Tips to Follow: How To Complete Quran in Ramadan?

Normally, it takes 1 to 2 hours to complete one para. The time varies from person to person. But no matter if you are a slow or fast reader, by following the below tips, hopefully, you can complete the full Quran in the holy month of Ramadan.

1. Start With Niyat (Intention to do something)

Whether you want to become a hafej or just want to recite the Quran for one time, niyat is the most important thing to do. In fact, from big to little, niyat helps set up a goal and work towards it for every task.

So at the very beginning, make a pure aim that you will complete reciting the Quran in one month and promise yourself that you will do your best to fulfill this. And make sure to review your goal regularly.

Just remember that Quarn will bring you closer to Allah, and you are doing this hard work only to get the Heavenly Acknowledgement of Him. In Shaa Allah, you won’t deviate from your goal.

2. Stay positive

Unfortunately, some of us get scared by the number of pages left after starting to read. It’s very important to remove this mindset. You need to stay positive to save all your energy towards your goal.

Negative thinking will only make it harder to complete your goal. Just believe in the almighty and keep giving your effort.

3. Set Objectives

Be reasonable while making your daily targets. Know your stamina, your environment, your reading speed, and everything. And then set up a standard limit. Our Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) has always told us to avoid exaggeration in any situation.

4. Make a Plan

Make a solid plan for the whole month. Let me demonstrate a basic plan. You can modify it according to your convenience.

  • A regular Quran contains around 600 pages. If you divide the number by 30, you will have 20 pages per day. Now split 20 with 5, the result is 4. That means, if you read just 4 pages after every prayer, you can easily finish the whole book in time.
  • If you need to work during the daytime, you can cover it at the Tahajjud time. You know, Tahajjud has its own rewards. And during Ramadan, it becomes another golden opportunity that you should not miss.

Instead of reading the Quran at a random time, following the prayer time will help you to be in a routine. Moreover, in this way, you can also balance your daily work effortlessly.

5. Try to Understand The Meaning of the Holy Book

The recitation of the Quran is a good deed. But it becomes more significant when you understand the meaning. That’s why for non-Arabic people, Islamic school is important.

Anyway, try to get the fundamental information on the topic, theme, message, and others. Understanding the meaning of what you read will be extremely inspiring. You will feel the urge to read more and more, which eventually increases your reading speed.

6. Be Practicing

While gathering the knowledge from the Holy Book, you should start to practice it in your daily life. You can make notes of important Ayats and stick them in a noticeable place like a mirror.

Watch Islamic videos, Tafseer, and others, and do Zikir whenever you have time.

In this way, you can hold the momentum of your devotion towards the holy Quran and be determined to your goal.

7. Make Quran Buddies

It’s another effective way to be constant. Make friends who are known for their piousness. It can be your parents, friends, siblings or any mahrams.

Grow a close relationship with them. Their belief will also influence you to go closer to the Almighty.

8. Eliminate Interference While Reading

No matter how determined you are, there is a high chance you will be distracted by your mobile phone, household chores, or even kids and others.

So, fix a prayer room and eliminate all the interfaces at your reading time. Don’t allow anyone to enter the room. And keep your mobile phone away from you.

What Can a Muslimah Do During Her Monthly Cycles?

Well, after seeing these tips, you might think that women might face problems following them since they have to take a minimum one-week break.

But don’t worry, sister. You can listen to the audio Quran at that time, which is also a good deed. So, don’t think you won’t earn the same rewards as a man.

Moreover, you may double up your reading before or after your period to make up for the missed days.

See? Finishing the Quran in a month isn’t very hard work to do if you have the willpower. I hope you understand the message I have tried to give in this write-up. Let’s conclude here.

Final Words

Now you know how to complete Quran in Ramadan. Just keep your faith and work through your goal. Allah will help you. And remember one thing that you are not in any kind of competition. So, don’t try to read at a faster pace. As long as you try your best, it’s okay if you can’t finish the whole Quran. And for that reason understanding the objectives of Islamic education is a must to have. It will guide you through the Islamic Journey.