Islamic Culture in GIS: A Place for Raising Child Islamic Way

Islamic Culture in GIS: A Place for Raising Child Islamic Way

In the contemporary era, it is extremely challenging to raise your children following Islamic culture. However, you can say goodbye to your worries about raising your child in an Islamic way.

The Guidance International School ensures a friendly atmosphere of of Islamic culture. Read to the ending point to know more.

What Does The Quran Say About Raising a Child?

The Quran has a clear and precise outline for raising your children. Here we will highlight the quintessential instructions from Quran on raising your child.

Giving a Gift to Your Offspring

Islam inspires you to present gifts to your children. The Holy Quran instructs you to give the gift to your daughter first. But, you do not need to buy expensive items. Buy your child easily affordable gifts.

Spending Quality Time With Your Children

Islam encourages spending quality time with your child. In recent days, people are too consumed in their job that they hardly care to spend some time with their children. Still, it is possible for anyone to make time for their children.

You are advised to play with your children. When you spend time with them, make sure you have a display of a soft heart.

Hitting Your Child

Islam strongly prohibits you from beating your children when they are crying. Even modern psychology has found evidence that beating your children while they are crying will have a strong negative impact later in life.

Moreover, you are not encouraged to beat your child. Islam urges you to talk and resolve the problems of the child.

Be Careful Like You Are Attending an Exam

Your child is a gift to you from Allah (SWT). You should think of your behavior with them as your performance in the examination. Do your best to always be on your best behavior with and in front of the child.

Creating Love For The Religion

You have to introduce your child to the religious norms of Islam, be it like wearing Muslim hijab for girls or beard for boys. It is your religious duty to encourage them to follow each fundamental practice of Islam from a very early age. This is crucial to building an excellent personality later in life.

Know the Different Aspects of Islamic Culture

What is The Proper Way to Raise a Child?

According to Islam, there is only one way to raise a child properly. That is based on the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah. In this section, you will know the gist of raising a child in Islamic culture. The process begins right after pregnancy. Below is a summarized outline of the Islamic way to raise a child:

Islamic Habit Building

You have to guide your child’s everyday behavior carefully. Let them know the Islamic facts at an early stage. Most religious practice is an outcome of the good habit formation. For instance, you should teach your child to say “Salam” from a very young age. Similarly, you can guide them to be neat and clean always.

Other crucial habit-building Islamic practices are:

  • Habit of truthfulness
  • Praying in time
  • Always maintaining proper dressing
  • Recitation of Quran regularly

You also have to teach them to complete daily works in the Islamic way. Daily work includes bathing, sleeping style, and eating habit.

Being an Ideal Person For Your Child

It’s the duty of parents to develop standard personalities that reflect Islamic values in their children. Each parent has to be an everyday example of a good person, according to Islam. Children love to copy and replicate the behavior and traits of elders. So, they will naturally follow their parents at first.

As a parent, you can do the following to teach your children Islamic values:

  • Always keep your promises; never make consolatory-fake promises.
  • Never tell them lies.
  • Teach them to respect parents’ privacy.
    (you can teach them to knock and take permission before entering your room.)
  • Try to say Salam to them first
  • Whenever possible, take your child with you to pray

To be an ideal parent, your action should be exemplary for your child.

Teaching Prayer in Islamic Culture

Islam always promotes taking the young pupils with you when you go to the mosque. It also instructs that you should motivate them to pray in the front row. There are two benefits of placing them before you in the front row. Firstly, they will be attentive and sincere in their prayers, avoiding running and making noise. Secondly, you can correct them for praying in the wrong way.

How To Treat Your Child?

You have to treat your child with utmost care. Your behavior with the child has a deeper impact on the child’s overall personality in later stages of life.

Below is some common, yet, crucial practice of treating your child in Islamic way:

  • Intensity of Punishment

You should be humane when punishing your child. The best option is to avoid any form of physical punishment. You should not be too harsh in your punishment. The objective of punishing a child is not to cause pain but to make it realize what not to do.

You can be creative in your punishment so that they learn from doing something. For instance, assign them some task when they make mistakes as punishment.

  • Setting up Boundaries

You should not be too harsh about setting up boundaries for the children. Being too strict will not be good for their mental health. Moreover, being too harsh about teaching religious things will make them fear Islam, instead of loving it.

Why GIS is The Best for Schooling in The Islamic Way

Guidance International School (GIS) is trying its best to promote Islamic culture along with the latest education system. Choosing the right educational institute is one of the most sacred responsibilities of parents. GIS is trying to be an exemplary institute where a modern curriculum is blended with Islamic culture.

Below are some key points that make GIS the best school for Islamic culture:

  • Halal co-curricular activities
  • Sports activities abiding Islamic rules
  • Utilization of information technology to know more about Islam
  • Teaching social relation building in an Islamic way
  • Educating your offspring in the light of the Quran and Sunnah

GIS is always focusing on integrating the latest educational elements into Islamic culture. So there are many benefits of an Islamic school. Though you as a parent will be absent on the school premises, our sincere teachers will take care of them like a parent. We will make sure that your child gets the same care of parenthood for the entire duration of schooling.

Closing Notes

GIS is always determined to provide the best schooling experience under Islamic culture. Parenting is a sacred duty. It is not easy to raise and educate a child all by yourself. GIS is there to share your parenting responsibility in an Islamic way.