Benefits of Islamic English Medium School in Dhaka

Islamic English Medium School

It is rightfully said that education is the key to societal prosperity. However, when it comes to learning about religion, culture, and the world all at the same time, enrolling your children in an Islamic school finds even more significance.

The importance of Islamic education in our children’s lives might be next to none. On top of that, blending Islamic learning with the English language can be hugely beneficial.

Having doubts in your mind is still acceptable. However, it would be best if you did every bit of research before admitting your children to an educational institute. This article will provide you with the benefits of Islamic English medium school in Dhaka to assist your decision for your loving children.

Why Is Islamic English Medium School Important?

Before you look at all the advantages of admitting your children to an Islamic English medium school, you need to know why Islamic studies are essential.

We live in an era where being a Muslim is a lot different than being a practitioner. If we are not clear about Islam’s true values and teachings, it is easy to lose our paths. Our children need the best education that can teach them about the afterlife and the living world.

Moreover, Islamic studies are crucial for a Muslim to live in a world of various beliefs and practices. Children need to learn about the Islamic ways of leading a pious life. Islamic studies can provide them with the necessary education.

But why opt for an English medium Islamic school? This is because English is the universal language that everyone communicates in. You undoubtedly want your children to prosper in life and spread the teachings of Islam. True objectives of Islamic education will let your child know about the history and value of Islam from an early age. English enables us to learn the findings of the world as well.

Multilingual teaching can be highly significant to your children. For example, they can learn their religious culture and worldly education by being a student at Islamic English medium school.

6 Benefits of Islamic English Medium School in Dhaka

Your children will spend hours after hours at the school. So naturally, kids will learn a lot from the surroundings and environment at the school. Therefore, we need to make the right decision as parents. One of the best options would be to admit your child to an Islamic English medium school. Here are six benefits of studying in an Islamic English medium institution.

1. Learn to read the holy Quran

One of the significant benefits of an Islamic education institution is the teachings of the Holy Quran. Therefore, the primary objective of studying in such a school is to learn about the holy Quran. Islamic English medium schools can provide our children with the same service.

Your children will learn how to read the words, sentences, and the way to read the holy Quran. The book is the most informative and educative book on Earth. Of course, as a Muslim, you would want your children to know how to read the book.

Moreover, the holy Quran is a great book to know about the proper way to live a life. Therefore, your children will be highly beneficial in learning all the knowledge of the holy book. You can make an aim to complete the whole Quran in Ramadan.

2. Praying Salah on time

Islamic institutions teach about the holy way of living life and make you a practicing Muslim. One of the critical fundamentals of Islamic education is praying Salah.

If you want your children to be praying Salah regularly, Islamic institutions can teach them that. In addition, this type of institution can provide your child with the significance of praying.

Furthermore, your child will know about the ways of praying daily salah. Kids can build the practice with the proper guideline from an Islamic educational institution.

Surround your kid with Islamic Culture so that it will be easy for them to obey the Islamic rules be it Salah, Fasting etc.

3. Improving a Good Personality

Being religiously intense makes you a better person. We all know that, and we all believe that. So if we want our kids to grow with a strong personality, Islamic English medium schools should be ideal.

Firstly, Islamic education teaches us the best ways to live a healthy, regular, and pious life. We become genuinely empathetic and honest human beings. Your child can build up Islamically approved and suggested ways of behavior.

On the other hand, your children would need an English medium school to learn the scientific ways of living on this Earth. Learning the subjects in the English medium of instruction enables students to come close to the universally accepted teaching methods. They can communicate with anyone and lead a successful life through honesty and hard work.

4. Increasing The Ability in Digital Literacy

With Islamic teaching and environment, these schools offer students the capacity to become digitally enhanced. In addition, studying in an Islamic English medium institution can increase the digital literary ability of your kids.

The English medium schools are one of the most modern institutions in the country. These institutions follow international systems of education. So you get accustomed to updating digital tools. As a result, kids can build up digital knowledge from an early age in their lives.

5. learning Arabic and English Both Languages Together

Being multilingual can be highly advantageous in a highly competitive world. Getting your kid in an Islamic English medium school enables them to learn both English and Arabic together.

When your kids learn Arabic, they can read the holy books of Islam. As a result, children can learn about the sacred verses, orders, and suggestions of the Almighty.

On the other hand, the English language will enable the students to communicate globally. Your kids need to learn the most advanced subjects in the universal way of teaching. Scientifically speaking, the English language has been proved to enhance our problem-solving abilities and mental flexibility. 

6. Maintaining Islamic Rituals Properly

Finally, Islamic education institutions can enable children to maintain Islamic rituals properly. This means that your kids can learn the Islamic teachings and practice them in their daily lives.

In the Islamic English medium school, your daughter can wear a hijab without any hindrance. As a parent, you can expect your children to be physically and emotionally safe without any concern. Nobody will violate their comfort in following the Islamic rules and regulations.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that you would want your kids to study in the best environment with quality education. This is one of the many benefits of Islamic English medium school in Dhaka.

So, why are you still hesitating? As a parent, this should be your ideal decision. After reading all the advantages, you should ideally admit your child to an Islamic English medium education institute as soon as possible.