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Our education and learning are chiefly befitting to the ingenious, shared, multidisciplinary, and inquisitive ways that pupils learn best: our students are equipped for a world that requires their universal awareness, interest, empathy, and eagerness to exploit their gifts in service to others. Students here put together their self-confidence, their skills, and their sense of identity.

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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

British Education
Islamic Schooling
Hafez & Hafeza

Why Choose Guidance?

At Guidance International School we offer:

  1. Superb Quality British education
  2. Unique Islamic Schooling
  3. Opportunity to make Hafez & Hafeza and lots more

Our young talented students must be prepared with something more than bookish skills as the world we live in shrinks due to technology. They need access to the best learning resources available in order to develop into our country’s intellectual elite – the leaders who will form the country’s future destiny – in the coming years.

They receive an education at Guidance International School that reinforces their heart of awareness through our program and aims to exceed academic expectations through a completely diverse variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular events, as well as additional opportunities to cultivate a culturally and academically diverse mindset toward globalization.

When you choose Guidance International School, you will be confident that your child can achieve our shared objective of becoming global citizens who are mindful of their responsibilities in this life and in the afterlife while still leading a good life as they adapt their religious traditions to everyday life.

Superb Quality British education

GIS focuses on the holistic, the social, emotional, mental, physical, and cognitive development of each student. It prepares the child for life, not just for the assessment.

At GIS, we prepare students all-round through a globally recognized curriculum of Cambridge primary checkpoint and Cambridge lower secondary checkpoint designed to ensure solid foundation to Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O level. Preparing the young pupils is quite challenging, Alhamdulillah, at GIS therefore we ensure the parents no private tuition is required for their children from play group to A level.

Healthy lifestyle and physical fitness are ensured through outdoor activities and excursion.

Numerous extra-curricular activities inculcate diversity and versatility of talents.

Unique Islamic Schooling

At GIS Islamic Education provides the Muslim children with sufficient knowledge in order to make them know and realize the purpose of their creation, responsibility, and the way they should manage worldly affairs.

Islamic education curriculum includes: 

  1. Aqeedah and Akhlaq
  2. Fiqh
  3. The history of Islamic culture
  4. The Qur’an and Hadith 
  5. Arabic language
  6. Al-Quran

Opportunity to make Hafez & Hafeza

GIS provides the unique opportunity to the students to become a Hafiz/hafeza of the glorious Quran. Vast experienced team of teachers supervised meticulously individual student and teacher student ratio is only 1:3 for hifzul Quran. First time in Bangladesh in its kind to introduce hifzul quran to Cambridge curriculum. Alhamdulillah it is we. And we have produced numerous hafez and hafeza.

Facilities for Students

Information Technology

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Co-Curricular Activities

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Creative Arts

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Outdoor Exposure

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Social Relationship

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Communication Skill

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Psychological Counselling

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Career Counseling

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University Placement

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